Things to do

Things to do

Anıl Arif Ayvaz 0 Comments Friday, July 17, 2015

Bicycle Tour : We recommend you to go on a joyous bicycle tour  when you wake up. After the breakfast , wandering in the streets of Bergama , spending time in the beautiful environment will relieve you… If you wish the Kozak Plateau will be a perfect route for you. Please do not forget to carry your photographic apparatus , so that you can take pictures of all the beauties you encounter.

Nature Walk : For those who prefer a slower ride , we recommend you to go for a nature walk twice a day , so that you do not ignore exercising.While on a walk , you wll recognize how beautiful the streets of Bergama are.Also the warm ambience and the gren area will accompany you.If you have a car , go straight to Kozak Plateuo , and enjoy the nature.

Local Food : Aegean Cuisine is served in a wide range of alternatives in Bergama , you may everyday a new food. Byrnzda(Tulum Cheese which is peculiar to Bergama) and lokma are delicious choices to begin with. After that , you may want to try other local foods , which are mostly cooked with olive oil. Last but not the least ; çığırtma , meatballs and helva are worth tasting.

Cultural Tour : Bergama is a very rich in terms of historical ruins and structure. The Bergama Museum ,Acropolis, Asclepion, Red Basilica are among the most important places to visit.


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