Bazilika - The temple of Serapis
The biggest structure in the town is the Kızıl Avlu (Red Basilica), a temple made of red brick dedicated to the gods of Egypt. The temple lies in what is now the modern day town of Bergama. The two pools in the temple with towers indicate ritual cleansing rites and a religious background that was neither Grek nor Roman. The fact that it faces west, and is decorated with statues in a Egyptian style, indicates that it was possiblly preented to Serapis, the  Egyptian god of the underwold. In the Byzantibe period, it was turned into a church by expensive remodeling, especially to the apse sections, and was dedicated to the Apostle John. In early Christianity, it was one of the Seven  Churches of Asia  Minor addressed by St John in the Book of Revelation, who referred to it as the throne of the Devil. Although a crumbiling ruin, it stil contains the remains of a mosque in one of the towers.