Asklepions, who was known as the god of health and medicine, was one of Apollo's sons. Asklepion, meaning Asklepios's place, was an important health center in Pergamon in the early ages. Asklepion is reached by a street that is lined with columns. Here t here are different kinds of curing methods: healing waters, mud cures, sports, theatre,and a library. A bazaar is organized every year in the restored theatre. The construction on the left side near the entrance is the asklepios temple. The temple, which was made in the name of the health god with donations in 150 A.D. is covered by a dome and its walls are 3 m. Thick. The inside is ornamented with mozaiks which have colorful marble interiors.
In the middle of the Asklepios area which is circumscribed on three sides, there is an 80 m. Long passage that stretches from teh sacred fountain to the curing building. From this passage one can


pass to the circular construction of medical cures. The so und of the water and the inspirations in the passage helped the sick people get better. There are 6 apsids in the curing building.