The Acropolis was built on a extremely steep hill. Apporached by a winding road ascending some 300m. In this uniguely designed city, religious, official, social and commercial buildings are all found side-by-side. On top of this hill, which has been inhabited since ancient times, are the palaces of the Kıng of Pergamon, There are also five cisterns and an arsenal on the hill. Below the buildings are the Temple of Athena, as well as the Library and the Temple of trajan. The Atlar of Zeus was carefully placed below these buildings on a terrace. One of the steepest amphitheaters in the world is found here. The lowest section of the acropolis is the gymnasium and the Temple of Demeter. Because of the topographical location of the city and the course of the main street, all the buildings of the acropolis ar eline up in a borth-south fashion, but the buildings all face west so that hey can be seen from far away. The Atlar of Zeus was not encircled with colonnades for the same reason. The Agora and Athena Temple also have an unobstructed view of the plain.

Pergamon Theater: Built on a very step slope, the Pergamon theater is one of the Hellenistic period’s fınest architectural achievements. The steepest amphitheater in westem Anayolia, it has a capacity of 10,00 people. In Hellenitic times he stage was made of wood; set up for the performences and then taken down again. You can stil see the stone bases for the wooden posts.