The Historic Places of Bergama
Bergama is one of Turkey’s oldest civilized settlements and it has been inhabited from pre-historic times through the lonic, Roman and Byzantine eras. It has yielded archeological treasures of wich importence is recognized wordlwide. To the southwest of Bergama lie the Aesclepion, an important helath center of the ancient world, the acropolis fıunded on top of a step hill (300) and the Temple of Serapis (Kızılavlu).                                                                                               

The modern day nama of Bergama comers directly its ancient name, Pergamon. Known centuries for its monuments, its was a great city and served as the of Pergamon kingdom. Its location made it strategic in the Middile Ages and it was the center of the Karesioğulları Principality before it finally became a part of the Ottomon state. The city’s golden era was during the reign of Attalos I and his son Eumenes II, the time when an acropolis, theater and other important projects were completed. It was an important city in the Roman period. The city experienced many developments during the reign of hadrian (117-138 AB), and it was adorned with Roman Works of art. In the Byzantine era after the spread of Christinatiy, Bergama was first under the influence of the bishopric of Ephesus, and then became a metropolis.